Trinidad & Tobago


Population: 1,341,465 citizens

Size: Trinidad 185 square miles, Tobago 116 square miles

Language: English



The twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago is a fascinating place to visit.  Reaching the most southerly of the Caribbean chain, Trinidad and Tobago are a refreshing change.  Less developed than some of their regional neighbors, the wild Atlantic beaches and calm Caribbean shorelines take over.  Vast oil and gas reserves have led to a high standard of living where tourism is not their main concern.  The word "tourist" is rarely mentioned here, they prefer the friendly visitor. 

In Trinidad, locals and visitors enjoy the beautiful beaches.  Tobago, on the other hand, harbors a host of hotels, restaurants, bars, and dancing.  Yet even here the beaches outside of the busy area are completely undeveloped. These two islands offer a seperate unique experiences all packed into one destination. 



When To Go

The weather is the most pleasant in Trinidad and Tobago between January and May.  By May, the dry season has the land parched and June brings the rainy season.  There is a dry spell known as the Indian summer in September when air fares dip and the visitors flock here.



Sun, Sand, Sea and Shopping

Each year between March and July thousands of turtles draw themselves up onto the beaches of Trinidad and Tobago to lay their eggs.  The leatherback turtle is the most common species in the local waters.  Several groups have set up turtle watches to protect the animals and spectators can take in the amazing sights.

Trinidad's capital, Port of Spain, throbs with city life and is home to the island's restaurants, nightlife, and a vibrant cultural scene.  Independance Square is the centerpiece of downtown, with streets busy with shoppers.  Port of Spain's Carnival is supposed to be the best in the world with intense celebrations and beautiful dancing.




Dining and Nightlife

Eating out is one of the best highlights of a vacation to Trinidad and Tobago.  Trindad has a thriving restaurant culture and Tobago offers a wide choice of dining options serving Italian, Chinese, Creole, and Indian dishes.  With Indian influence, there are many hot and spicy dishes served on these islands. 

After dark, there is plenty to do in this paradise.  Live entertainment is available at many of Tobago's hotels and restaurants.  There are also plenty of clubs between these two islands especially in the Chaguaramas area.  However, it is the most safe to travel in a group rather than alone.