St. Kitts & Nevis


Population: 32,000 residents
Size: 69 square miles

Abundant vegetation, natural beauty and white sand beaches are how you would describe the unspoiled paradise of St. Kitts and Nevis. Still relatively undeveloped, the islands offer a preserved exotic ecosystem ready for your travels. If looking for a quiet yet luxurious vacation getaway, this corner of the Caribbean is your location. Offering a nature lover’s paradise, you will want to take advantage of the various tours that provide an up close experience with sites such as a dormant volcano, plantation ruins, seaside lagoons, and stunning scenery.

st_kitts_brimstoneSt Kitts, the larger of the two islands, is known for its deep forest, volcanic peaks, and sweet sugarcane fields. The island of St. Kitts is generally divided into two sections with the southernmost section the island popular for beach recreation, as well as, the primary location for much of the luxury hotels and resorts. Frigate Bay is the heart of tourism for St. Kitts and is a stark contrast to the northern half of the island offering its panoramic views and nature explorations.
Nevis is characterized by its lush vegetation and very laid back style. Once a thriving sugar plantation, many of the buildings associated with the plantations have been converted over to hotels. Dressed in lush vegetation and accented by the striking volcanic peaks, this island has a past reputation of being the ultimate get-away destination for some of the wealthiest Europeans. Be prepared however, the focus on Nevis is serious relaxation with its take-it-slow culture and unspoiled, uncrowded surroundings.

When to go
With temperatures rarely dropping below 70° Fahrenheit at night and above 87° Fahrenheit, the islands of St. Kitts and Nevis is a tropical paradise year round. The peak season for travel to the islands is between the months of November and April, with the busiest being December and January. These months are very popular in part due to the island’s Carnival Festival which begins on Christmas Eve lasting until early January.  Popular among both the locals and tourists, the festival is full of parades, food, and dancing in the streets.

For a more personal vacation without the peak season crowds, consider a vacation to St. Kitts or Nevis during the months of June or July. The beaches are typically less crowded and you can take advantage of more reasonable accommodation prices. Hurricane season runs between June and November.

Sun, Sand, Sea & Shopping
While not as developed or diverse as some destinations in the Caribbean, St. Kitts and Nevis do offer some great outdoor activities for the vacation traveler. National parks, lush rainforest hikes, and historical landmarks are part of the wide selection of fun under the sun that these islands offer. One of the best ways to take this all in may be on the adventurous zip-line tour with Sky Safari. This adventurous excursion will have you flying through some of the largest trees on the island while taking in the magnificent views of neighboring islands and historical sites.

Black, white, or somewhere in between, you will find the beaches vary in color but all are beautiful. Many of your beaches to the north will be darker in color and as you go south they will transition to golden in color and eventually present a white hue appearance. While many of the beaches that line the coast of these islands are not developed for tourism, they are beaches of natural beauty and offer the traveler a secluded Robinson Crusoe experience. There are however some beaches that do provide a variety of beach bars and water sports. Frigate Bay Beach South is a great choice for a day at the beach with a full complement of beach bars and water sport operators.

Probably the best way to take in the island’s beauty is on the ever popular day-trip catamaran tours. Many of these trips will bring you to a local cove or bay for a day of snorkeling, or just lay back and enjoy the scenic beauty.

Downtown Basseterre is a great place to browse through shops full of great crafts and local flair. Duty free shops include Driftwood Duty-free, Island Fever, and Brinley Gold (local spiced rum).

Dining & Nightlife
Many of the more popular restaurants in St. Kitts are lively open air establishments, however there are also a number of simple eateries in Basseterre and beach bars along the Southeastern Peninsula. While St. Kitts may seem laid back and quiet by day, when the sun goes down the local beach bars liven up with both local islanders as well as visitors. St. Kitts capital for nightlife is located in South Frigate Bay. One of the largest casinos in the Caribbean is located on the island of St. Kitts. A couple of the more popular locations for late night entertainment, music, and dancing are Mr X’s Shiggidy Shack, Shipwreck Beach Bar, and Chevy’s. There a few less choices for entertainment on the island of Nevis.