Puerto Rico


Population: 3,706,690 citizens

Size: 3,515 square miles

Language: Spanish, English


Puerto Rico is the smallest and easternmost island in the Greater Antillies.  Thanks to its status as a U.S. commonwealth, it is by far the wealthiest of the Caribbean nations.  Inland, the island is mountainous but the outskirts are fringed with beaches leaving it the perfect depiction of everything the Caribbean offers.

The enchanting island of Puerto Rico has anything you could desire on your Caribbean getaway.  World class resorts, championship golf, 300 miles of shoreline, fine shops, fabulous dining, and a sizzling nightlife will fill your agenda.  Puerto Rico is rich in history and filled with natural wonders that you will not want to miss.


When To Go

Puerto Rico's best weather is from December to April.  The other months usually get more rain and are hotter; yet the cool Puerto Rican breeze keeps it comfortable year round.  It will be most reasonable to travel in the summer months, as prices are generally lower, but it can be very hot at this time.  There are cultural events year round in Puerto Rico.


Sun, Sand, Sea and Shopping

Old San Juan, the historic capital city, has been restored with beautiful 17-18th century buildings painted in pastel colors lining cobblestone streets.  Some houses have been converted into hotels.  On the other hand, the more modern San Juan has a completely different feel as a buzzing metropolis.  

The beaches in Puerto Rico range from cotton white to black and are the most glorious on the nearby islands of Vieques and Culebra. Fiesty game fish fill the nearby waters, so take a stab catching the big one if you have time.   

Rincon is considered the most premier surfing spot in Puerto Rico.  This beach resort on the west side of the island is the perfect combination of sun, a laid-back social scene, and exciting nightlife.  The crowd is predominatly younger and party-focused so there are many restaurants and bars. The sunsets here are fabulous with the pinks and oranges seemingly hanging in the sky.  

San Juan is not a duty-free port, so you will not find bargains on electronics and perfumes.  However, shopping for local crafts and souvenirs can be fun.  Santos, hand-rolled cigars, handmade lace, and carnival masks are good finds in these markets.  


Dining and Nightlife

The capital city, San Juan, is filled with stylish contemporary restaurants that complement Old San Juan's flavorful bistro style.  The majority of hotels have upscale restaurants and are open to non-guests.  There may be a dress policy, so check in advance.  

San Juan, is world-famous for chic nightclubs, jazz outlets, and even classical music venues.  Be sure to take the time to revel in the nightlife found here; when the sun goes down the fun only begins.  Lounges, bars, and clubs open their windows and doors to let in the breeze and let out the music.  Then rum cocktails start flowing from the rum capital of the world.  If you are looking for a more unique night time adventure, enjoy a moon-lit kayak or boat trip.