Population: 104, 487 citizens

Size: 133 square miles

Language: English


Grenada is the most southern of the Windward islands in the Caribbean.  The island of Grenada is a beautiful mountainous island with deep valleys containing waterfalls and streams.  The island was formed by volcanoes and the land is blessed with tropical rainforest and black and white sand beaches.  Grenada is famously known as the "Isle of Spice" because of the nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, and cocoa aromas that fill the air.  There are enough locally grown spices to fill anyone's kitchen cabinets.  The island has many restaurants, friendly people, historic sites, and natural wonders that make it a popular destination.


When To Go 

Although the weather is hot and tropical, it is tempered by the northeast trade winds.  During the rainy season, June-November, rain falls 22 days per month in St. George's, the capital city.  The driest months, January-April, rain falls 12 days out of the month; making this the best time to visit the beautiful island.  


Sun, Sand, Sea and Shopping

St. George's is Grenada's capital city known for the most picturesque harbor in the Caribbean.  The horseshoe shaped harbor is surrounded by pastel warehouses and buildings rising up with distinctive red tiled roofs.  The marine activity involves colorful sloops, fishing vessels, and tourist boats.  The road along the harbor, Wharf Road, is lined with shops and restaurants.

Shopping in Grenada is mostly souvenirs and local markets.  Wood carvings and paintings, jewelry, spices, jams, jellies, and rum from the island's plantations are common.  You cannot visit Grenada without bringing home a basket of spices and a bottle of rum.  

The sailing in Grenada is world class and the scuba diving is breathtaking.  The scenery under water is even more beautiful than above water, and it is easily accessible from this island.  There are many diving facilities to check out the ship wrecks and amazing underwater volcano.  

The lush mountains in Grenada offer outstanding tours and sightseeing.  Whale watching, deep sea fishing, jeep adventure tours, hiking, and kayaking are just some of the adventures that allow you to see the beautiful nature on the island.


Dining and Nightlife

Grenada has attracted many cosmopolitan international restaurants and clubs mostly in the southwest.  Famous for the seafood, spicey dishes, and exotic fruit, every dish is an adventure in Grenada.  Most places are open to let the warm breeze flow through and allow visitors to enjoy the beautiful tropical setting.  This makes for a fun, romantic ambience.  In the high season, live entertainment is commonly heard as well.  Restaurants add a government tax and service charge so make sure to verify your check when enjoying the wonderful restaurants on the island.

The nightlife is relatively quiet in Grenada.  Yet, there are a few hot spots where visitors and locals gather to party into the morning.  The Caribbean flair is present with the live music being mostly reggae and calypso which can be enjoyed relaxing and watching or up and dancing, your choice!