Dominican Republic


Population: 9,927,320 citizens

Size: 18,000 square miles

Language: Spanish



The Dominican Republic is a nation with spectacular natural beauty.  From magnificent beaches to the region's highest mountain, everything in the Dominican Republic makes it the perfect Caribbean destination.  The Dominican Republic occupies the eastern two-thirds of Hispanola; sharing the island with Haiti.  Rugged and scenic mountains rise in the west of the land to 10,164 feet at the peak of Pico Duarte.  Inland lies a fertile plain called the Cibao which is the island's breadbasket.  Santo Domingo, the capital city, is a modern metropolis in which a quarter of the inhabitants live.  The oldest colonial city is located in the core of Santo Domingo which helps explain the country's rich history.  The Dominican Republic has 16 national parks and protected areas that preserve the rich flora and fauna.  You will not want to miss the 900 beautiful miles of coastline around the brim of the Dominican Republic.


When To Go

The Dominican Republic is known as a family-friendly and affordable destination that always has perfect weather.  Temperature does not vary much in the Dominican Republic ranging from 81-87 degrees all year long.  The tropical humidity makes the temperatures feel hot but the sea breeze helps to cancel that out.  The rainy season is May to October and the hurricane season lasts from August to September.  The main tourist season is December to February and July to August; you can expect higher prices and more crowded beaches at these times.  February is a great month to go because you can enjoy whale watching at Samana and the Carnaval.





Sun, Sand, Sea and Shopping

Santo Domingo, the capital city, is a blend of cultures, it is commonly referred to as what New York is to Americans.  Santo Domingo acts as a living museum displaying the rich history, people, and culture.  Also, modern high-rise hotels and casinos glitter on the shorefront.  Most of the other cities in the Dominican Republic have a 21st century buzz as well.  

The Peninsula de Samana is where many gather to watch the humpback whales.  The mighty whales are in this area for their mating season, so look for a big splash!  Lined with shite sand beaches, there are also a lot of other activities on the Peninsula de Samana like restaurants, boat trips, horeback riding, and a vibrant nightlife.

Dominican Republic is is famous for the many all-inclusive resorts that line the shore.  Punta Cana is the country's major beach resort located on the east side of the island.  Many exciting activities and watersports are offered here.  Wreck diving, golf, jeep safaris, horseback riding, and white water rafting are just a few of the attractions enjoyed.  Beyond the luxury resorts, the roads lead inland to sugar plantations and small villages alive with the culture of the land.  


Dining and Nightlife

There is a hoppin' nightlife scene in the Dominican Republic if you put your dancing shoes on.  If you are headed to Santo Domingo there are plenty of clubs to enjoy with live music, dancing, and Caribbean food.  La Guacara Taina is a club set in an underground cavern that has some of the best merengue and salsa dancing on the island.  There are many spectacular restaurants in the Dominican Republic as well.  Restaurants located in the all-inclusive resorts are common and there are many restaurants that offer beautiful views of the beach while you dine.