Population: 67,757 citizens

Size: 290 square miles

Language: English



Dominica is an island in the center of the Caribbean archipelago. Lying right between the islands of Guadeloupe and Martinque, Dominica is a wild place of nature. If you are looking for a vacation in which hiking, biking, spotting animals in the rainforest and exploring waterfalls takes the place of the typical crowds, casinos, and resorts than Dominica is the perfect location for you to visit. Dominica has been called the "treasure island of nature" and it has remained undisturbed for nearly thousands of years. Dominica wants to preserve its own brand of "eco-tourism" and therefore does not have an international airport.


When To Go

The best time to travel to Dominica is from October to December when the hotel rates are lower and the humidity is not quite so high. Temperatures throughout the year see little variance. The rainy season is from June to November and this time of year is also susceptible to hurricane season and tropical storms.


Sun, Sand, Sea and Shopping

Roseau is the capital city of Dominica. A colorful and bustling city, Roseau is noisy during the day and very quiet at night. This city can be explored by foot and has many bazaars and artifacts of the island's history. Beyond this city, all of Dominica is nature-covered. There are many ways to explore the nature whether you visit Trafalgar Falls or Morne Trois Pitons National Park. Hiking is the best way to see the wild landscape and get the most out of the trip.

Tropical forests, such as Cabrits National Park, cover Dominica's land. There are 1200 species of plants and 160 species of birds that roam the land, so hiking and biking are very popular through these parts as well. The waterfalls, hidden lakes, and emerald pools are some of the island's treasures and you will not want to miss these sights.


Dining and Nightlife

Dominica's restaurants commonly serve local cuisine and also offer dishes made with fresh fish. Eating out in Dominica can be very expensive, particularly in hotel restaurants. It is ideal to book in advance as most restaurants have limited seating and do not stay open very late.

Nightlife in Roseau is at its peak on the weekends. During the week most islanders like to close up their shops early. Local bars attract visitors and entertain them with jing ping; the traditional local music in Dominica.