British Virgin Islands

Population: 23,552 citizens

Size: 59 square miles

Language: English



Located in the Caribbean just east of the U.S. Virgin Islands, the British Virgin Islands are a very popular travel destination for sailors, fisherman, and sun bathers alike. Being made up of 60+ islands and keys with 43 being uninhabited, some parts are volcanic islands while others are flat coral islands. The British Virgin Islands are known for the many, many beaches of prestine white-sand and the wonderful sailing that is possible around the coasts of the different islands. Traveling to these islands can be a break from the normal tourist feel with a much more laid-back pace and very friendly people.


When To Go

The British Virgin Islands have very enjoyable weather. There is relatively low humidity and very little seasonal temperature variation. The winter temperature is usually about 77 degrees with the summer temperature around 83 degrees. The high travel season for the British Virgin Islands is December 15 to April 15. November, December, and May are good times to travel as well because there may be deals on hotels/cruises. The most common time to travel would be winter which also avoids the hurricane season.


Sun, Sand, Sea and Shopping

The quality of the beaches in the British Virgin Islands is very high even in Caribbean standards. There are a large number of beaches, especially on the north side of the island. Many people enjoy the beaches because they are never overcrowded. It is not uncommon to find yourself alone on a large beach enjoying the sun and sand.

The British Virgin Islands is a popular destination for a sailing vacation. For those that are new to sailing, the islands are close together to protect from rough seas and make for a beautiful sailing day or full vacation. Also, the scuba diving is great with a popular site being the wreck of the RMS Rhone, a steamer that sank in a hurricane in 1867.

Tortola is the largest island of the British Virgin Islands and home to the capital city. Tortola is home to beautiful white sand beaches, mountains, rum distilleries, and historical ruins. Cruise ships now crowd the docks on this island because visitors enjoy exploring and shopping. Yet, it is easy to get away if you enjoy a more quiet scene. Many beaches and resorts outside of the main areas are home to beautiful and serene spots.

Dining and Nightlife

There are many outstanding restaurants in the British Virgin Islands. Seafood is the meal of choice most of the time with options ranging from beach-side cafes to high-end seafood places. As with much of the Caribbean, rum is the drink of choice. Many exotic specialty drinks can be found at the many restaurants and bars. At night, the sunsets are magnificent; it is recommended to watch the sun set from a beach or the mountains. The nightlife involves live music which can be enjoyed beach-side before or after dinner. This can be a nice break from the dance clubs found elsewhere in the Caribbean.