Population: 64,600 citizens

Size: 22 square miles

Language: English



Bermuda is located in the Atlantic, 508 miles due east of North Carolina.  A self-governing British colony since 1968, Bermuda has kept some of its English character even as it is increasingly influenced by American ways.  Bermuda is different from most sunny, beach strewn islands in that it is somewhat formal.  Despite the lovely weather, residents wearing heels, jackets, bermuda shorts, and knee socks are a common site around the island by day and night.  Regardless, Bermuda is justifiably known for pink sand beaches, forever blue waters, and beautiful green golf courses.  It is the perfect location for relaxation and romance as there is a varied array of things to do.  From boating, golfing, swimming with the dolphins and shopping to exploring historical sites and crystal caves, Bermuda is a paradise you will not want to miss.


When To Go

The optimal times to travel to Bermuda are May and October as the weather is usually in the 80's during these months.  To experience temperature in the 70's, April and November are good options.  Being farther north than most Caribbean hot spots, the weather in the winter is is much cooler.  Winter months are perfect for golf or tennis, but can be too cool for swimming. The Gulf Stream that runs between the island and North America keeps the weather temperate all year long with the summer months still hot and sunny.


Sun, Sand, Sea, and Shopping

The town of St. George is the oldest continually inhabited British settlement in the New World.  The city is filled with typical British colonial architecture and winding streets.  Fountains, gardens, plazas, and cobble-stone streets are prominent and decorate the area.  You will discover pastel cottages, quaint shops, and manicured gardens that explain the way of life in Bermuda.  The capital city, Hamilton also has many shops, restaurants, and activities that you will not want to miss.

If you are looking to shop, designer items are offered usually at prices comparable to those of the U.S. without the sales tax.  Crystal, china, watches, and jewelry are at prices comparable to U.S. outlet stores.  The humidity of the island and lack of storage space brings sales often, so look for those!

Bermuda's lovely pink-sand beaches are popular sites for travelers and natives alike.  Horseshoe Bay Beach is very suitable for snorkling but can get crowded with cruise ship tourists who's main stop is this beach.  Elbow Beach and Tobacco Bay are also hot spots for beach days.  Bermuda has many golf courses spread out across its length.



Dining and Nightlife

There are fine restaurant options located all around Bermuda with the concentration in St. George and Hamilton.  There are also several restaurants located at hotels but they can be pricey.  Remember that the closer you are to a cruise dock the more expensive the cuisine will be.  Two unique Bermudian dishes are salted codfish boiled with potatoes and Hoppin' John, a dish with boiled rice and black eyed peas.  Many pubs serve traditional British fare, and local fish is a common feature on restaurant menus.  Look for Bermudas two popular drinks, the Rum Swizzle and Dark N' Stormy which are both sweet drinks made with rum.    

Bermuda's nightlife offers it all, from fine dining to fast food and Irish pubs to jazz clubs.  Bermudans love to drink.  There may not be the largest selection of hot spots, but they make up for it in the great time they offer. In addition, Friday night is known as the unofficial party night in Bermuda.  With a fun and friendly vibe, the nightlife in Bermuda will not let you down.