Pristine beaches, luxury resorts, and the clearest water on the planet are just a few of the beauties you will find in the exotic Bahamas...let’s not forget the duty free shopping the Bahamas have also.  There are nearly 700 islands located in the Bahamas with an endless supply of activities both under the sun and in the crystal clear waters. Its total land area is 5,382 sq miles (13,939 km²) with an estimated population of 330,000 friendly Bahamians. All of the islands are low and flat, with ridges that usually rise no more than 15 to 20 m (49 to 66 ft).

The capital of Nassau, often called the jewel of the Bahamas, has a long and interesting history and was once home to many famous pirates, including of which was the most famous of them all...Blackbeard. Nassau was the headquarters for the regions pirates and used it to carry out it attacks on the Spanish Main. Shortly after the arrival of the Caribbean pirates the British colonists laid claim to the islands and have left a lasting impression on capital’s architecture, culture, and prosperity.


When to go
The climate of the Bahamas is subtropical to tropical, and is moderated significantly by the waters of the Gulf Stream, particularly in winter. That being the case the climate often proves very dangerous in the summer and autumn, when hurricanes pass near or through the islands. There has never been a freeze reported in the Bahamas, however the temperature can fall as low as 2–3 °C (35.6–37.4 °F)  in rare occasions.

In The Bahamas the peak season is typically during the winter period which is from mid-December to mid-April. Winter also happens to be the driest period. We typically recommend making your travel plans at least three months in advance and much sooner if your plans involve Christmas or other peak periods. For cost minded travelers, the “off-peak” can be a real bargain in the Bahamas with resort prices cut nearly 20-50% at many locations. Keep in mind the temperatures may be much hotter during the day but it does cool off to a comfortable level in the evenings. Off-peak season typically runs mid-April to mid December.


Sun, Sand, Sea, and Shopping
Nassau’s “main street” is called Bay Street and is a popular attraction to both visitors on the islands and the daily cruise passenger traffic. One of the primary shopping districts in the Bahamas, Bay street has kept its historical charm while serving its visitor a duty free shopping experience that offers everything from shops to pubs with a British flare. Be sure to stop by the always popular straw market, Nassau’s version of the flea market.

Without question, Paradise Island has become the Bahamas signature destination with a resort complex that appears to have taken a page from Las Vegas and inserted it in the center of the Caribbean. Believe me…this is one paradise destination to see. Atlantis Paradise Island is just as much a theme park as it is a tropical paradise. With its Vegas style casinos, over-the-top water attractions, and endless dining & entertainment options you may never see the need to venture off the resort. Atlantis is an ideal vacation destination for family and young couples alike, both will find the resort offers every amenity they could imagine.

Lined with many upscale resorts such as Breezes Resorts, Cable Beach is a white sand, world class beach located in the Bahamas just a few miles west of Nassau. Known for its pristine white sand and a back drop of swaying palm trees, Cable Beach initially gained popularity during the WWII era. Much of the beach is lined with resort front property but there are a few public points of entry.  For those looking to soak in the sun and scenic beauty there is also a great deal of recreation to enjoy such as snorkeling and scuba diving, parasailing, beach side dining, golfing, and a casino just a few steps from the beach.

Family fun is as plentiful as the palm trees along Cable Beach. Venture into Nassau to visit Pirates of Nassau (, an interactive museum dedicated to the Golden Age of Piracy. There you will learn how Nassau was up front and center as the capital of piracy and home to many pirates such as Blackbeard. From Cable Beach you will find Paradise Island is just a quick taxi ride away.

bahamas_fort_charoletteOne of our favorite trips was a guided visit to Fort Charolette on a Segway. This fun and interactive tour provided some gr eat sights and was adventured paced. Not only did we learn of the historical importance of Fort Charolette we learned how to operate an exciting Segway. The site has been preserved very well and visitors will see the waterless moat, drawbridge, ramparts, and a dungeon where priosoners where tortured. Interesting Fact: Fort Charolette still has 7 of its 42 original canons and there was never any shots fired in battle from the fort.


Dining & Nightlife
Like with most popular destinations, we would advise you make reservations for your dining experiences during peak season. The resort beachside restaurants that line the beaches of the Bahamas are always a popular choice, but to get a real island flavor go to where the locals eat. At The Fish Fry you will find some of the best atmosphere and food the Bahamas has to offer…it is where the locals go to dine on fresh seafood just caught and just pass the time. The ambience of The Fish Fry is all that you would expect from an iconic spot frequented by the locals with the sights and smell of the Caribbean Sea besides you.

Nightly entertainment can be found all across Paradise Island and Cable Beach. Many of the resorts will offer multiple venues for listening to your favorite music and dancing.