Aruba, and its neighboring islands of Curacao and Bonaire, are all members of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. These Dutch islands provide the paradise seeking traveler the opportunity to experience powder white beaches, an amazing playground for underwater enthusiasts, spectacular nightlife, and world-class shopping.  While all three are geographically close in proximity the three of them provide distinct experiences to the interested traveler. Aruba, the best known of the three, is a very vibrant destination in both its island pace and architectural style and color. If it’s glamorous resorts, lively nightlife, or Las Vegas like casinos than Aruba may be the choice for you. They take their tourism very serious in Aruba being that it provides nearly 75% of the island's wealth. You will find that the standard and quality of the resorts in Aruba is higher on this island than many others in the Caribbean which is also reflective of the quality of life the people of Aruba enjoy. The southern and western side of Aruba offer an assortment of world-class beaches that are sheltered from the ocean currents and have become the most developed for tourism. Did you know that Aruba is a river-less island?


When to go
One of the unique benefits that Aruba has over many of the other 7,000+ islands that make up the Caribbean, is the fact that it is located in the very warm southern most part of the region and well out of the hurricane belt. Year round temperatures vary little from the typical 83° Fahrenheit. The island is moderated in climate by the constant trade winds and experiences typically less than 20 inches of rainfall per year.


Sun, Sand, Sea, and Shopping
Aruba won’t disappoint even the most demanding of sun seeking beach enthusiast.  The beaches of Aruba continue to rank among the best in the world. Located on the northern west side of Aruba is a protected stretch of white sand beaches, beach bars, beach restaurants, beach side water sports operators, beach resorts...well you get the point. The most active and popular, is that of Palm Beach... the key word being ACTIVE. You will find that if there is a center of Aruba’s tourism this is it. Adjacent to Palm Beach is another beautiful and more laid back beach known as Eagle Beach. There are fewer bars and smaller properties/hotels on Eagle Beach than its neighbor but has been rapidly developing in recent years.

While Aruba may not have the reputation of it’s neighboring island of Bonaire, it still has numerous opportunities to enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving. There are several sunken ships from the WWII era and plenty of coral reefs along the coast of Aruba that one can explore. Visibility is very good in the water around Aruba and snorkelers often can see fish as deep as 50 feet.

Aruba’s shopping experience will provide you with the finest shopping. There are beautiful Dutch boutiques in the most vibrant of colors. The most popular shopping destination is that of the capital city of Oranjestad.


Dining & Nightlife
Aruba at night is Caribbean energy in its purest form. There are beachfront establishments, dance clubs, casinos, and trendy bars that are among the best in the Caribbean and one for nearly every walk of life. From jazz to disco, rock to hip-hop the options are endless for those looking to keep the Caribbean heat going well into the night. One of the signature activities that Aruba has to offer is their party bus. Begin with a champagne toast at the beach as you begin an evening of stops at some of the most popular local establishments aboard a brightly painted party bus. If it the Vegas style you crave, then be sure to check out some of the great shows the local casinos have to offer.