Located east of Puerto Rico and north of St. Martin, Anguilla is one of the northern most Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles region of the Caribbean. The total land mass is 35 sq mi (91 sq km) with a population of approximately 14,000 residents. The island is for the most part flat with a coral base which gives this island a superb beach experience with bright white sand. The coral reefs that surround this gem provides habitat for a vast array of tropical fish which adds to its beauty. Anguilla has developed over the years to be one of the most luxurious resort destinations found in the Caribbean. The resorts are among the most exclusive and expensive destination experiences found in the region with the highest of standards. If it’s a relaxing vacation at a first class resort surrounded by the beauty of the Caribbean sea you desire, than Anguilla is destination for you.


When to go
With an average annual temperature of 80.6 °F, July through October is its hottest period, while December through February is its coolest. When it comes to rainfall, Anguilla’s dry season is during February through April, its rainiest is August to November. If its festivals you like…perhaps the best time to visit is during July and August. Anguilla’s festivals include: Anguilla Summer Festival, Moonsplash, Annual Anguilla Yacht Regatta, Tranquility Jazz Festival, and Festival Del Mar. Keep in mind the island is subject to tropical storms and hurricanes during the months of July through October.


Sun, Sand, Sea, and Shopping
Anguilla’s primary attraction is the beaches and sea. The tranquility of the deep blue waters in contrast with the white powder sand is an unforgettable sight and feel that you will not soon forget.  There are other land based activities such as golfing, horse-back riding, and hiking that all of the upscale resorts will accommodate their guests with.

One of the signature experiences that Anguilla offers is for the sailing enthusiast. Enjoy a day trip sail to one of the many nearby off-shore islands which are not much more than a sand bar with a few tropical palm trees for decor. These picture perfect beaches are the excellent destination for a day of relaxation and a lobster lunch.

If its in the water where you find paradise, than Anguilla offers paradise in two different locations. Shoal Bay and Barnes Bay provide two excellent choices for the snorkeling enthusiasts where you will find some of the most beautiful coral reefs and exotic fish the island has to offer. The further you follow the coral reefs the larger the fish get. You will find plenty of gear rentals shops at all of the major beaches...or better yet, let us take care of that detail for you.

Anguilla is not known for its shopping like so many other islands in the region, however you will find its art galleries and crafts are popular.


Dining & Nightlife
The dining experience is nearly always complimented by a beautiful backdrop of the Anguilla surroundings. The local restaurants can be a little expensive and will typically require reservations. There are some other “local” flavor choices you should not miss. You will find no shortage of local BBQ “tents” spotted throughout the island which offer great local flavor, great culture, and good prices. Among the most popular are Sandy Ground and DB’s. Don’t leave Anguilla without taking in this experience.

You will find that Anguilla is rather quite after dark. However there are a few local joints that will provide you with the sounds and rhythms of the Caribbean into the night. Recommended places include:

  1. Dune on Rendezvous Bay with live reggae music at there beach bar
  2. The Pump House at Sandy Ground with live music several nights a week
  3. Uncle Ernie’s near Shoal Bay is a great choice for those looking for a little less expensive lunch or night out